Managing Contacts

Custom Fields

With TxtSquad, you are able to use custom fields to make sure you have all the right information for your contacts and for personalizing your messaging.

Custom Fields are bits of attentional information you can attach to your TxtSquad contacts. By default, you can store their names, address, emails and of course phone numbers, but by using Custom Fields you can attach anything else you might need to know about them. You can also use the values in these fields in messages in order to personalize the message a bit.

There are five types:

Drop Down Custom Fields are fields that offer only a limit selection of valid inputs.

Number Custom Fields are fields that can only have numbers as a valid input.

Checkbox Custom Fields are fields that only have two states, checked or unchecked, or in other words, true or false.

Date Custom Fields are fields that can only store a date, such as a birthday or signup date.

Text Custom Fields are fields that are more open and allow you to store anything as the value.

For more information on Custom Fields, see the knowledge base article on Custom Fields

Contact Notes

TxtSquad allows you to record notes on your contacts so you can share information with the rest of your team. You are able to tag teammates as well in these notes and upload media. For more information on Contact Notes, see Contact Notes


Contacts are able to opt out of receiving messages themselves by replaying STOP or Unsubscribing to a message and they are able to restart receiving messages by replying START. You are also able to opt-out contacts manually from receiving messages so that neither you nor no one else on your team is able to contact them by clicking the three dot menu on the right side of the Contacts table.

You can view the list of people who have opted out of messages from you by clicking the three dot menu on the top right side of the Contacts table and selecting View Opt-Outs.

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