Understanding Message Credits

In TxtSquad, message credits, also referred to as SMS credits, play a crucial role in determining the cost and usage of text messages. This help document aims to provide a clear understanding of how message credits work, their measurement, and important considerations for managing your credits effectively.

What are Message Credits?

Message credits are units of measurement used to quantify the cost and quantity of text messages sent through TxtSquad. Each SMS credit represents the ability to send one text message that is 160 characters or less in length.

Message Credit Calculation

For standard text messages containing plain text, each credit allows for a message of up to 160 characters. However, if your message includes special characters or emojis, each credit will cover 70 characters due to the increased space required for encoding these elements in the message.

Estimating Message Credits

Within the TxtSquad App, you can easily estimate the number of message credits required for your broadcasts or individual messages by utilizing the provided message credits calculator. This feature helps you plan and manage your credit usage more effectively. You will also be shown how many credits a message will be when creating a broadcast.

Image Messages (MMS)

Image messages cost 3 credits per message in addition to any credits that the message itself might use. For example, sending a picture along with a 100 character message would cost 4 credits per recipient.

Rollover Credits

Month-to-month plans in TxtSquad offer the option to have rollover credits. Rollover credits allow you to retain unused credits from the previous month for an additional 30 days. These rollover credits are consumed first before your regular monthly credits are utilized. Please note that rollover credits expire after 30 days and are applicable only to month-to-month plans.

Annual/Semi-Annual Plans

For annual or semi-annual plans, rollover credits are not available. However, the credits you purchase are valid for the entire duration of the respective 6 or 12-month cycle. Unused credits at the end of the cycle do not roll over to the next billing cycle.

Understanding message credits is essential for effectively managing your text message usage in TxtSquad. By keeping track of your credit usage, estimating the number of credits needed for your messages, and utilizing rollover credits (if applicable), you can optimize your messaging strategy and ensure cost-efficient communication.

If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding message credits in TxtSquad, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you make the most of your SMS credits and enhance your texting experience.

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