Surveys & Polls

TxtSquad gives you the ability to send surveys to your contacts to ask their point of view.

To get started, head to the tools page and click on surveys. All of your past and current surveys will be listed here. Click the Create New Survey button to get started on your first survey.

Creating a Survey

The first step of creating a survey is to give it a name. These names are just for your records, so that you can find this survey again in the future. The name will not be sent to your contacts.

Next, compose your question in the question box provided.

To provide possible responses, list each one on a separate line in the Survey Options box.

Once you’ve written both the answer and responses, click Add Message to Survey to save it. You can add multiple questions and responses and each question will be sent in order as soon as the contact answers the previous question.

Once you’ve added the survey question or questions, click Next to continue to the Select Audience step

Select your Audience

Here you will see lists of your segments and your tags. Select which group or groups of contacts you would like to added to your survey. You can select segments or tags, or a combination of the two. Don’t worry if a contact belongs to multiple selected groups, they will only receive the survey once.

Once you’ve selected your audience, click Next to continue to finalize the survey.


At this step, you can preview the message you’re going to send, set the time it will be sent, and see the total SMS credits that the survey will use to reach your audience.

The date and time your message will be sent will default to the current time, but you can schedule the survey to go out in the future if you’d like. If you leave it unchanged, the message will send out once you’ve finished setting up the broadcast.

Below the date and time picker you will see the estimated completion time. Messages take time to be sent through the system, so while the first recipients of your broadcast will receive the message right away, it will take up until the estimated completion time before all messages are delivered to all contacts.

You have the option to send a copy of the survey just to yourself to see how it looks on your own device when you receive it by clicking the Send Sample Message button above the survey preview.

Once you have selected a time, press the Finish button.

Click the Confirm to send or schedule your survey.

Viewing Results

To view the results of a survey, head back to the Survey page from the Automations menu and select the survey results you’d like to view from the list.

The Survey Info section displays information regarding the survey, such as when it was created, who created it, how many credits it used, and more.

Below that is the survey questions and results displayed as a pie chart.

On the right side of the screen, you can see the contacts that have been added to the survey. You can filter them down using the “Status” and “Response” buttons at the top of the table. You can also select contacts and click the Actions button on the top right to export them, tag them, or remove them from the survey.

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