Contact Importer

Importing Contacts to TxtSquad is easy using our Contact Import tool.

In order to import your contacts in bulk, you need to have a CSV file with the contact information. The only necessary information is Name and Phone number, though you can import more information if you’d like.

To get started, head to the Contacts page from the side bar and click the Import Contacts button. This brings you to the import history page; to start a new import, click the Create Contact Import button under the heading.

Importing Contacts

Step 1: Upload File

From the Import Contacts page, click the big button in the center of the screen to start browsing for your CSV. Once you select it, you’ll be brought to the 2nd step of the Import Process, matching headings.

Step 2: Match Headings

In this step, each heading found in your csv will be displayed in a block, along with the first three rows of data in that column to help you match it to a field in TxtSquad. Any headings you would like to not import as data into TxtSquad, check the Skip checkbox on the top right side of each heading block.

The only required fields are Full Name (or First & Last Names) and Phone number. However, by default you’ll find options to store Email, Address, State, City, and Zip code. You will also see an option to map to any existing custom fields you’ve created and an option to create a new field.

The Tags field is special in that any data in that column will be turned into Tags and applied to the contacts as they are created. You can apply multiple tags per contact by separating them with commas, but make sure they are within the same column.

Once you have all of your fields mapped or skipped, click the Next button to continue to the last step.

Step 3: Finalize

To finalize your import, choose the following settings:

Duplicate Contacts: This option allows you to choose how TxtSquad handles duplicate phone numbers that already exist as a contact in TxtSquad. There are two options: Skip will disregard the new data and keep the old information intact, while Update will update the existing contact with the new information found in the CSV.

Tagging Mode: This option allows you to control the tag behavior on contacts that already exist in TxtSquad but are also in the CSV. Append will add any new tags to the list of already existing tags, and Overwrite will remove any tags on the contact already and replace them with what is found in the CSV.

Once you have selected your options, press Finish to start the import.

Importing contacts can take a small amount of time, depending on the size of your list. You will be notified via email when your import is complete.

Viewing Import Data

Once the import is complete, you can find the information about it on the Import History page. To access it, head to the Contacts page from the left side navigation pane and press Import Contacts. You will see a table with information about all of the imports you've completed.

When you click into an import from that table, you will see its current status. If it is complete, you’ll see some stats like how many contacts were created or updated and how many tags were created or applied.

It will also show a table on this page containing the contacts that were imported through the import. If any contacts could not be added, a second tab will show the Failed Imports and why they failed. You can download either table as a CSV to try to upload the contacts again.

If you'd like to add tags or delete the contacts from this import in bulk, you will find the options to do so in the three dot menu found on the top left side of the screen.

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