Tags are a way to label contacts. You can apply multiple different tags to a contact, and automate the applying of these tags with our message automations.

View Tags

To view your list of tags, click the Contact page from the left side navigation bar and select the Tag tab from just below the heading.

Creating Tags

To create a tag, click the Create Tag button on the top right side of the tag table.

All tags must have a name, and optionally can have a description. Enter the information you wish for your tag then click the Create Tag button.

Adding Contacts to a Tag

To add contacts to a tag, first click the tag you’d like to add contacts to from the tag table. Then, click the Add Contacts tab just below the heading.

From here, select the contacts you’d like to add to the tag, then click the “Tag x Contacts” button on the top right hand side of the table.

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