Toll Free Verification

Toll-Free Verification is a process designed to verify and approve the usage of toll-free numbers for sending SMS messages. This process helps ensure that your business has the appropriate measures in place to send compliant traffic and maintain the integrity of the messaging ecosystem. Certain information needs to be submitted for review to complete the Toll-Free Verification process. This article provides a detailed explanation of the required data.

Required Data

To initiate the Toll-Free Verification process, TxtSquad requires the following information:

  1. Business Name: Provide the name of your business. It is important to use the registered business name.
  2. Business Website: Share the website of your business. This should be the website of the business name previously listed. If the business does not have a traditional website, social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) can be provided. However, the social media pages must be set to public for review purposes.
  3. Business Address: Include the full address of your business. This should be the physical location of the business and should include the street, city, state, and zip code.
  4. Business Contact: Provide the first and last name, email address, and phone number of the contact person at the business. Please note that this contact information is not used to contact the customer during verification.
  5. Expected Message Volume: Estimate the monthly message volume for the submission. Choose the closest value from the provided options. If the message volume is expected to increase in the next six months, provide the value that reflects that growth. Choose one of the following: 10; 100; 1,000; 10,000; 100,000; 250,000; 500,000; 750,000; 1,000,000; 5,000,000; 10,000,000+
  6. Description of the Use Case / Summary: Provide a detailed description of the use case. The more information provided, the better. This description should explain the type of messages that will be sent to the end user.
  7. Sample Message Content: Share a sample message that represents the content the end-user will be sent. The sample message should align with the provided use case and accurately represent the content of the messages.
  8. Opt-in Description: Describe how a consumer/subscriber opts into receiving text messages from your business. Provide detailed information about the opt-in process, such as keywords, signage, online forms, or point-of-sale interactions. The description should be clear and provide a step-by-step explanation of how the customer gives consent to receive SMS messages.
  9. Proof of Opt-in: If applicable, provide URLs of hosted images or screenshots that illustrate the opt-in process. These images should clearly display the consent given by the subscriber.

By following the guidelines and providing accurate and complete information, you can ensure a smooth Toll-Free Verification process and increase the chances of approval for your SMS messaging use case.

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