A2P 10DLC Registration

A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) registration is a process that allows US businesses to register their 10-digit long code phone numbers for sending Application-to-Person SMS messages. This registration is necessary to ensure compliance with carrier requirements and maintain the integrity of the messaging ecosystem. In this article, we will guide you through the A2P 10DLC registration process and provide you with essential information to successfully complete the registration.

Information Required for A2P 10DLC Registration

For TxtSquad to register your business for A2P messaging, the following information is required:

  1. Contact Name: The name of the person responsible for the registration.
  2. Job Title/Position: The job title or position of the contact person.
  3. Contact Phone Number: The phone number of the contact person.
  4. Contact Email: The email address of the contact person.
  5. Legal Business Name: The official registered name of the business.
  6. Business Registration Number (EIN): The Employer Identification Number or other business registration number assigned to the business.
  7. Business Type: The legal structure or type of the business (e.g., Partnership, Limited Liability, Corporation, Co-operative, Non-profit, Corporation).
  8. Industry: The industry or sector in which the business operates (e.g., Automotive, Agriculture, Banking, Consumer, Education, Engineering, Energy, Oil and gas, Fast moving consumer goods, Financial, Fintech, Food and beverage, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Online, Raw materials, Real estate, Religion, Retail, Jewelry, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, Electronics, Not for profit).
  9. Business Address: The physical address of the business, including the address line, city, state, and ZIP code.
  10. Expected Message Volume: Estimate the monthly message volume for the submission. Choose the closest value from the provided options. If the message volume is expected to increase in the next six months, provide the value that reflects that growth. Choose one of the following: 10; 100; 1000; 10000; 100000; 250000; 500000; 750000; 1000000; 5000000; 10000000+
  11. Description of the Use Case / Summary: Provide a detailed use case description. The more information provided, the better. This description should explain the type of messages that will be sent to the end user.
  12. Sample Message Content: Share a sample message representing the content the end-user will send. The sample message should align with the provided use case and accurately represent the content of the messages.

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