Conversation Bot Steps

Bot Steps are the building blocks of Conversation Bots. They consist individual messages that your bot could send out, provided the triggers are met.

Otherwise, click the blue + button on the bottom of an existing step.

Creating a bot step is broken down into three steps: Triggers, Message, and Automations.


The Triggers section handles how this step can be reached in your Conversation Bot. There are a number of ways you can set the step to be triggered, as described below. If this is the first step in your conversation bot, these settings also dictate how people trigger the start of a bot conversation.

Step Name: This field is required. It’s a label for the step so that you can easily pick it out of the Conversation Bot tree.

Incoming Message Keywords: A list of keywords that a user can send to hit this step in the conversation bot. You can have multiple keywords allowed to trigger a step by separating them with commas. For example, typing “Hello, hi, hey, greetings” will trigger the step on any of those words. These are not case sensitive. If you wish for the step to be triggered on any message received while the bot is active, leave this section blank. If this step is the first step in the tree, a message must be one of these keywords to start the conversation bot, or if left blank, any message will start the bot. Otherwise, one of these keywords must be present to for this bot step to be triggered.

Match All Incoming Keywords: If this is set to “Yes”, then every keyword present in the “Incoming Message Keywords” must be present in order for this step to trigger.

Incoming Message Exlusions: These are essentially the opposite of the Incoming Message Keywords. These exlusions are words that will skip this step if they are found in a message. For example, if you use the word “Hi”, this step will not fire if someone sends a message of “Hi”.

Match All Message Exclusions: If match all is selected and you have multiple exlusions listed in the previous response, all exlusions must be present in an incoming message in order for the step to be skipped.


Message: This is the response the bot will send when someone meets the trigger conditions in the previous step.

Invalid Response Message: If someone replies to this message, but is not caught by any triggers in the following steps, this message will be sent.

Max Retries: The number of times they can respond and attempt to hit a valid trigger before the bot finishes. Set it to -1 for unlimited.


Tags to Apply: Select a tag or tags that will be applied to a contact that reaches this step in the Conversation Bot.Tags to Remove: Select a tag or tags that will be removed from a contact that reaches this step in the Conversation Bot, if they are present on the contact.

Data Capture: Once this message is sent, the next reply can be captured as saved as data on the contact. You can select either Name, Email or Address by default, or any of your saved custom fields.

Set Bot Complete at this Step: setting this to true will complete the conversation bot when they reach this step.

End Bot Message: An optional message that can be sent to a contact when the bot is completed.

Once you have entered all relevant information, click “Next” to create your step.

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