Adding your Contacts

There are a few different ways to add contacts to TxtSquad. The easiest is hitting the create contact button, filling out the name, phone number and other fields and hitting create. You're good to go and can start messaging them. This is too time-consuming for large audiences, so we have created options to speed up the initial load of adding your contacts.

Manual Entry

To manually enter your contact information into TxtSquad, first go to the Contacts page via the side bar. Once there, click the Create Contact button.

Enter your contact’s information in the boxes provided. The only required information is First Name and Phone Number, but feel free to fill in the rest of the information as well. Once the information is filled out, click Next.

On this page, you can review and confirm the details of the contact that you just entered. If the information is correct, click Finish to create the contact.

Contact Import

With our Contact Importer, you are able to upload a CSV of your contact list, match the fields and include a tags column where it will automatically create the tag and apply it to the corresponding contacts. For more information, check out the knowledge base article on the Contact Importer.


With TxtSquad's REST API you can batch-create contacts, tags and custom fields to make migrating from an existing database a breeze.


Create contacts with our Zapier integration. You can find our zapier information here: TxtSquad Zapier Integration.

Mobile App

On the mobile app, you can access your contacts stored on the device locally. You can then search and check all the contacts you want to add.

Sign Up Form for Website

Contact Signup Pages are an embeddable form you can put on your own website so your contacts can signup directly into your TxtSquad account. You can customize the signup page with your logo and brand colors. For more information, check out the knowledge base article on Sign Up Forms.

Advertise Number Contacts will be able to text you and be added to your list. You can use keywords to have them automatically added to a tag for easier broadcasting and provide them a confirmation message.

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