Sending Messages

2 Way Conversations

Send and receive messages in a conversational manner, allowing for back-and-forth communication between you and your team to your contacts. You are also able to schedule outbound messages to make sure you are not communicating outside of working hours.

In order to start a two way conversation with a contact, head to the Conversation screen select them from your conversation list. If you do not already have an active conversation with the contact, click the compose button on the top left.

In the box that appears to the right, start typing the name or number of the person you’d like to send a message to, then select them from the list.

Alternatively, head to the Contact page and select them from the list. Then on the top right hand side of your screen, click the three dot menu and select Message to start a conversation with them.

Type your message in the box on bottom of the screen, then press Send to send it.


Send a single message to a small or large group of contacts. Send your broadcast to a group of people belonging to a tag or a segment to make sure you are messaging the right contacts.

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Create and send a series of questions to a group of contacts to receive feedback and information.

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Automatically send a series of messages over a period of time to a contact.

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Welcome Message

Send a pre-written message to someone when they first start a conversation with your business or organization.

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Out of Office Replies

Use Out of Office replies to automatically send a pre-written message to someone when you or your team is unable to immediately respond to their message. This can be for after hours or when you are on vacation.

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Keyword Confirmation

Automatically send a pre-written message in response to the use of a specific keyword or phrase in a message

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Conversation Bot

Conversation bots can have a back and forth with your contacts automatically without needing any intervention once it’s been set up.

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